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Electrical & Instruments > My turn signals don't work when it rains (9 replies - 14746 views)

Glad to be of assistance here.  As I mentioned, my under-dash area is no longer stock, so I'd appreciate seeing a copy of your photo, if possible. ...   11-11-2006 01:04 am

Miscellaneous > vin# question (7 replies - 7165 views)

VIN # 13349 was merely the last of the Mark I JHs.  Production of the Mark II cars began with VIN # 13350 and continued until they ...   11-09-2006 02:03 am

Electrical & Instruments > Fuel Tank Sender (2 replies - 5222 views)

Frank, Glad you could use the speedo information.  As for the fuel sender, the data I provided to your question via the Jensen Mail List (i.e. circa 30 ...   11-09-2006 01:41 am

Carburetors > Installing new fuel tank (9 replies - 9548 views)

With Strombergs, fuel pressure at the carb fuel inlet tee should be 2.5 to 3.5 psi.  IIRC, with Dellortos it should be a bit lower (2.0 to ...   11-02-2006 01:57 am

Suspension > REAR WHEEL BEARINGS - Questions??? (17 replies - 14440 views)

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think 'bedded in silastic' means lining the sides and bottom of the recess, into which the ...   10-23-2006 02:25 pm

Electrical & Instruments > Water Temperature Guage (6 replies - 7291 views)

Dealing with a cold today so pardon me if I'm brief.  Disconnected, the temp gauge should read about 60 ohms across its terminals.  Sender behavior ...   10-23-2006 04:10 am

Miscellaneous > information card (5 replies - 6384 views)

Good idea.  I'd change the text somewhat, though: 1973 Jensen Healey, a very sporty British roadster built around the high tech Lotus 907 four-cylinder engine and components from many ...   10-18-2006 02:13 am

Electrical & Instruments > Replacement Light Bulbs (4 replies - 7812 views)

Well, you might consider trying the new LED bulbs.  Probably not cost effective except for a true daily driver, but the 'cool' factor would be ...   10-09-2006 05:21 am

Electrical & Instruments > Replacement Light Bulbs (4 replies - 7812 views)

Unless there's a legal or concours requirement for exact replacement bulbs, you can use US type 1157 for the dual filament bulbs (Lucas 380), and US type 1156 for ...   10-08-2006 09:40 pm

Body & interior stuff > Trunk lining plans/ dimensions (2 replies - 4023 views)

You can use common corrugated cardboard to make patterns for all of the trunk finish panels.  Inexpensive and easy to work with. ...   10-08-2006 04:02 am

Carburetors > Faulty Vacuum Valve (7 replies - 8918 views)

That is the vacuum switch, which controls the vacuum applied to the throttle bypass valves.  It's an emissions system, and its purpose is to minimize emissions when the engine ...   10-08-2006 03:58 am

Brakes > Brake Booster (11 replies - 17537 views)

The late Jim Albeck installed a US-made booster and master cylinder on his GT a while back.  The source was Engineered Components, who sells a "Generation ...   10-05-2006 04:48 am

Engine & Transmission > JH Race Car (12 replies - 22381 views)

Sander wrote: Is a screw missing from the left carb top? Certainly looks that way.  It also appears that the carb tops are rotated counterclockwise from the ...   10-05-2006 04:20 am

Body & interior stuff > Hardtop attachments (11 replies - 11969 views)

Given  what multiple owners can mess up given 30-plus years, there's no "one size fits all" sort of 'explicit directions' to be had.  (BTW, I found that font almost unreadable.  ...   10-02-2006 04:18 am

Body & interior stuff > Battery Tray (10 replies - 9574 views)

It's my recollection that the original size battery is physically quite small and IIRC it has been obsolete or nearly so for quite some time.  Here in ...   09-24-2006 02:47 am

Body & interior stuff > R & R of tach and speedo (4 replies - 5761 views)

I suppose it might be possible to remove the instrument pod without removing the steering wheel, but at best it would be an awkward maneuver and ...   09-23-2006 05:05 pm

Body & interior stuff > R & R of tach and speedo (4 replies - 5761 views)

The easiest way to service the gauges is to remove the instrument pod, which is the oval assembly into which all the gauges fit.  This requires removing ...   09-23-2006 04:26 am

Body & interior stuff > Battery Tray (10 replies - 9574 views)

Don't have any photos handy, but attached is a line drawing showing the tray (item 43) for a RHD car.  The one for LHD cars ...   09-23-2006 04:07 am

Carburetors > GT Smog Test (10 replies - 11178 views)

You can find a drawing showing the correct vacuum line hookups, excluding the anti-runon system, at  http://www.jensenhealey.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=57&forum_id=4  .  This is based on shop manual figures RM5, RM6, and RM7, as ...   09-18-2006 10:36 pm

Miscellaneous > To Whom Should I Bequeath My JH (9 replies - 8384 views)

I sympathize.  My son is a locksmith, so one might reasonably expect him to be mechanically inclined, but where cars are concerned he has the mechanical ...   09-17-2006 09:23 pm

Body & interior stuff > Dashboard removal and installation (1 reply - 4188 views)

I've only had my dash out twice and wasn't concerned about time-and-motion studies either time, so this is only an estimate based on recollection. To R&R the ...   09-14-2006 01:03 am

Ignition > Failure to start! (7 replies - 9055 views)

Due to the federally mandated Infamous Seat Belt Warning Module (ISBWM), a JH may fail to crank for any number of reasons.  The ignition switch, when activated, applies ...   09-08-2006 11:44 pm

Electrical & Instruments > Instrument Panel Lights (17 replies - 17321 views)

The plastic warning light housing is a press fit into the heater console and can usually be pulled free by hand.  Generally the bulb socket will come ...   09-06-2006 03:30 am

Carburetors > Repairing Dellorto Mounting Surface (4 replies - 5821 views)

I don't have any specific recommendations, as I haven't had to look at one of those epoxies for quite a while.  Thanks for mentioning the fuel resistance, it had slipped ...   09-03-2006 05:56 am

Carburetors > Repairing Dellorto Mounting Surface (4 replies - 5821 views)

You can try one of the aluminum-filled epoxies.  Once the stuff sets completely, you can smooth it down with the aid of oiled wet-or-dry sandpaper on a glass ...   09-03-2006 04:52 am

Engine & Transmission > Oil filter-oil cooler interface (2 replies - 3422 views)

Sorry to hear of your misfortune.   Incompetent overpriced "professional" labor is a curse we all have to deal with on occasion.  I think that's perhaps the main ...   09-03-2006 04:42 am

Ignition > VOLTAGE FLUCTUATION (2 replies - 5117 views)

Most likely this is due to a defective alternator.  Occasionally a faulty battery will give the same symptoms (generally, an intermittent cell).  For Delco alternators, this sometimes occurs if the ...   08-29-2006 06:19 pm

Brakes > sticking front brake (13 replies - 40629 views)

Tom, Glad to hear your problem has been resolved without too much time, trouble, and expense.  Have fun with the car! ...   08-28-2006 05:59 pm

Engine & Transmission > back to that 5 speed getrag repair (11 replies - 14356 views)

My copy of the shop manual, as reprinted by Motorbooks International, contains fairly complete instructions for dealing with the 5-speeds.  I haven't done a line ...   08-24-2006 12:18 am

Cooling > Delta's heater-valve conversion from vacuum to mechanical (16 replies - 17776 views)

It's my understanding that the valve is present primarily because some owners in the 1970s complained about an excess of cockpit heat when the heater was set ...   08-22-2006 12:43 am

Suspension > 1972-1975 rear wheel bearing (4 replies - 6860 views)

Attached is a modified factory parts drawing showing the parts in question.  Naturally, each axle requires a full set of them.  The highlighted items are: 35 -- Bearing ...   08-18-2006 02:54 am

Suspension > 1972-1975 rear wheel bearing (4 replies - 6860 views)

For what it's worth, attached is a photo of what is supposed to be the QH bearing kit.  I have not personally examined the parts ...   08-18-2006 12:48 am

Carburetors > Fuel System Problems... (8 replies - 8961 views)

Yes.  See my post elsewhere on the message board at: http://www.jensenhealey.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=13&forum_id=10 ...   08-17-2006 06:03 am

Engine & Transmission > engine storage question (2 replies - 3594 views)

Opinion only: I'd turn it at least two full turns so that everything was fully exercised -- preferably three turns, or five, so that the engine internals ...   08-14-2006 11:48 pm

Electrical & Instruments > Blowing bottom fuse (2 replies - 4467 views)

The horn switch, door light switches and courtesy light, headlight switch, and their associated wiring, are the most likely culprits.  If the problem is not one of these, then ...   08-09-2006 03:19 am

Brakes > sticking front brake (13 replies - 40629 views)

The most likely cause is a defective brake hose with a deteriorated lining that acts as a one-way valve and won't let brake fluid return to ...   08-09-2006 02:55 am

Engine & Transmission > Mechanic in San Diego / LA area (6 replies - 6798 views)

Congratulations on getting your car running again, even though it was expensive. I do have a couple of comments.  First, if your radiator was filled with 'crud' then ...   08-02-2006 09:00 pm

Carburetors > Carburation (6 replies - 9301 views)

Congratulations on getting your car sorted out.  Problems caused by multiple malfunctions are always frustrating. Your observation that the relationship between fuel level and float height setting is ...   08-01-2006 03:16 am

Cooling > Overheating (39 replies - 45765 views)

Dave: Your oil pressure at cold start is a bit lower than normal but seems better than average when hot.  If your oil gauge is accurate, you might wish ...   07-29-2006 03:08 pm

Brakes > Brake Fade (8 replies - 11202 views)

The "pressure differential switch" (actually "pressure differential warning actuator" or PDWA) doesn't shut off brake fluid in event of leaks.  All it does is to ...   07-29-2006 01:21 pm

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