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Suspension > REAR UPPER SUSP ARMS--2 Types??? (4 replies - 5602 views)

I believe the reinforced pair are from the '75 and as long as the center to center distance of the bolt holes is the same ...   01-01-2006 04:31 pm

Miscellaneous > JHPS Events (0 replies - 2657 views)

I have started two Albums in the California section of the "JHP Photo Gallery".  The first is of the Summer Party at Bob Hillhouse home ...   12-11-2005 08:05 pm

Suspension > Pictures of FRont Sway Bar (5 replies - 6820 views)

When installing the Delta sway bar be sure to locate the location of the frame holes with the front springs loaded to ride hight attach ...   12-05-2005 04:36 pm

Engine & Transmission > new photos of the Shark and its new engine (9 replies - 7869 views)

A better way to keep moisture out of the trunk and tank area is to drill a 1/4" hole between the gas filler depression and ...   11-30-2005 09:07 pm

Miscellaneous > Sports Rods (9 replies - 8520 views)

It sounds like whoever did the conversion used a rear axel with leaf springs.  Otherwise why a broken shackle?  The Jensen Healey used a four link ...   11-20-2005 08:05 pm

Miscellaneous > "Why did you buy a JH... When you could have bought a New sports Car?" (20 replies - 17210 views)

OK here goes.  I bought my JH when I saw it in a salvage yard in 1983 and fell in love with its looks and the amount ...   10-11-2005 05:54 pm

Miscellaneous > How light can the JH be? (16 replies - 12326 views)

The Jensen Healey is very light compared to most production sports cars. There are two reasons for removing weight, one to improve the power to ...   09-11-2005 05:05 pm

Suspension > Rear Suspension Superpro Bushing Installation (5 replies - 8881 views)

Just a note regarding rear suspension arms; after replacing the bushings and reassembling the rear suspension the bolts should be left finger tight until the ...   09-02-2005 05:31 pm

Electrical & Instruments > POLL: Headlights (15 replies - 13547 views)

I added driving light under my front bumper, not legal but effective! ...   09-02-2005 05:17 pm

Wheels > Wheels (57 replies - 60806 views)

If you look at the axel and hub flanges you will see they are thincker where bolt holes are drilled so redrilling them would result ...   08-28-2005 04:33 pm

Body & interior stuff > Stock Floor Mats (8 replies - 7511 views)

Try Delta Motorsports they have mats in brown and black for $45 and they are a perfect fit. ...   08-23-2005 04:13 pm

Body & interior stuff > Stock Floor Mats (8 replies - 7511 views)

I just got floor mats from Delta, they fit perfectly and the price is reasonable at $45. They can be had in either brown or black. ...   08-23-2005 04:12 pm

Body & interior stuff > Dash Removal (3 replies - 4719 views)

After you remove the instrument cluster you will find three 3/8" nuts must be removed underneath where the dash meets the sheetmetal.  One can be ...   08-23-2005 04:05 pm

Miscellaneous > JH mentioned in Sports and Exotic car Mag (2 replies - 3917 views)

Anyone who thinks Jensen Healeys are ugly probably thinks the Aztec and Citroen 2CV are beautiful.  ...   07-30-2005 05:11 pm

Suspension > Lower stance (5 replies - 7465 views)

I lowered the rear of my Jensen Healey by several inchs.  I have installed 26'' tires and it caused the rear to be rather high.  ...   06-24-2005 01:49 am

Engine & Transmission > JH Race Car Coming Together (6 replies - 7618 views)

Looks great! Keep the reports coming! ...   06-15-2005 05:19 pm

Wheels > Tire Pressure (4 replies - 8289 views)

Best to go with the recomdendations of the time manufacturer! ...   06-13-2005 02:48 pm

Miscellaneous > To restore or part out? Need suggestions. (11 replies - 10018 views)

It can be done. You would have to do a complete disassembly and beed blast.  Many panels would have to be replaced especially the hood ...   05-14-2005 02:36 pm

Miscellaneous > Jensen Healey SCCA Race Car (2 replies - 4655 views)

Great looking car.  I hope you will provide some how to's on modification you have made.  Also race results and lessons learned about the Jensen ...   04-27-2005 05:09 pm

Wheels > JH Wheel upgrade (15 replies - 21152 views)

Don,  the  Jensen   wheel pattern is 4x4"  and 4x100mm wheels can be made to fit as the pattern is close.   I  don't believe close is ...   04-26-2005 04:06 pm

Wheels > JH Wheel upgrade (15 replies - 21152 views)

If you want wheels other than Panasport it is possible to have made wide 1" wheel adapters 4x4" to 4x100mm.  This will allow many more possibilities in ...   04-26-2005 07:24 am

Body & interior stuff > Body Work and Paint? (5 replies - 6383 views)

CAUTION!! When considering sandbasting DO NOT use sand or go to a sanblasting company that does not do cars being restored.  There are other materials such ...   04-22-2005 04:35 pm

Miscellaneous > Sports Rods (9 replies - 8520 views)

Thanks to all who have replied to Sports Rod.  I knew there must be kindred spirits out there.  I agree that for handling the lighter ...   04-22-2005 04:19 pm

Miscellaneous > Sports Rods (9 replies - 8520 views)

It is neither better nor worse just different.  My first intention was to restore the Jensen until until I found the engine was in need ...   04-21-2005 03:55 pm

Miscellaneous > Sports Rods (9 replies - 8520 views)

I know most of you are purists who disdain those with the temerity to tamper with the most excellent engineering of Jensen Healeys, however some ...   04-21-2005 03:42 am

Miscellaneous > New to this JH business (4 replies - 6025 views)

Another important place to check for rust is under the fuel tank as water seeps through the filler neck well and then saturates  the pad ...   03-26-2005 03:27 pm

Suspension > Front suspension (45 replies - 38181 views)

I have had my front suspension apart several times.  It is more dificult than the rear but doable. 1. Put the car on jackstands so you can ...   03-26-2005 03:20 pm

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