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Suspension > Suspension Bushings (2 replies - 5419 views)

Brian, I second Greg's information here.  I just put a full set of Super Pro's throughout the front end of mine.  I combined these with new 205/60 ...   06-24-2006 07:03 pm

Ignition > Lost My Spark (4 replies - 6529 views)

Hey Guys, First, thanks again to all of you that took the time out of your day to help out a fellow Jensen owner.  I’m grateful ...   06-16-2006 04:53 pm

Ignition > Lost My Spark (4 replies - 6529 views)

Hey Guys, I see plenty of problems described on the board around the ignition/distributor, but none that quite fit these symptoms.  Before I subject myself to ...   06-15-2006 05:08 am

Brakes > Front Disc Specs (7 replies - 11678 views)

Jim, Just had my rotors turned last week.  Before going in to get them done, Delta advised that the minimum thickness should be .343.  I had my ...   05-27-2006 10:22 pm

Engine & Transmission > Mechanic in San Diego / LA area (6 replies - 6789 views)

I just had an extensive rebuild of my engine completed by Viking Motorsports - Costa Mesa, CA.  The owner, Harry Appleby specialized in all things ...   05-20-2006 01:51 pm

Miscellaneous > Transporting or Shipping (8 replies - 8854 views)

John, I recently imported a Jensen Healey into Southern California from London, England.  The entire thing was handled by Dependable Auto Shippers, including the local delivery ...   01-05-2006 08:38 pm

Miscellaneous > -5 degrees in nj and jensen started like a champ (1 reply - 3992 views)

Somewhat unfortunately, my first JH endured tons of cold-weather starts, as it was my daily driver back in Kansas for several years.  Even when it ...   12-14-2005 02:31 pm

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