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 Posted: 06-24-2006 02:06 am
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Joined: 06-16-2006
Location: Rock Hill, South Carolina USA
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I am working on replacing my timing belt, alternator belt, and tensioner bearings and I want to replace the spark plugs.  Since I will have to time the engine, should I change the rotor, condenser and points?  If yes, can I get them from a local auto parts store?

Steve Koska
Rock Hill, SC

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 Posted: 06-24-2006 07:39 pm
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Rick Willard

Joined: 08-20-2005
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It's not that tough to get your hands on the points, condensor, distributor lead, rotor, and cap.  You might even be able to get it from a local parts store.  However, they'll probably have to order it, and you might be surprised to find that they'll cost just as much or more than if you just order all the parts you need as a kit from JHPS/Delta Motorsports.  It's about $25-$30, after tax.  I bought all of these things from just 500 miles ago (along with new plug wires and plugs, since mine were questionable).  In my case, the points actually failed after just 400 miles.  My situation was not that common, and probably due to some extenuating circumstances that you might not have happen at all.  In fact, if you do a good set-up with these parts, and get it dialed in right, you might be real happy. 

However, like many others will tell you, I would recommend that you go for the Petronix Ignitor sold by JHPS/Delta for about $95.  It eliminates the points and condensor for good, and the improved spark that it provides for the engine is VERY noticeable, and REALLY smooths out the way the engine runs.  I know many folks that have had their Petronix set up for years, and they just never seem to have problems.  You'll still possibly need a new rotor and cap, if yours looks worn, but the points, condensor, and the positive lead on the side of the distributor is replaced by the Petronix set up. 

It's up to you, but in my opinion...it's a good investment, and the simple instructions in the kit make it very easy to install yourself.

Good luck!


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