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2017 Jensen Healey Price Guide

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Show (high retail)
These valuations are for cars in concours condition. Such cars are unlikely to be regularily driven on the road.

Excellent (average retail)
Although not neccessarily prepared to show standards, cars falling into this category will be very fine examples nonetheless, with real show potential. No significant areas of expense should be expected. Such cars might be used on the road regularily.

Good (low retail)
These will be largely fine examples, but are likely to deserve significant expenditure in confined areas (a good respray perhaps, or an engine overhaul). A car restored to a compromised standard might also fall into this category. Such cars will generally not require major restoration. A tired example would be cheaper.

IMPORTANT: Accurate valuations are not possible without the individual assessment and inspection of each car in question. For the purposes of this guide all cars are valued assuming they are all original (or at least to accurate original specification); have an average (and therefore unexceptional) history; and have never been crashed or badly restored.

Jensen Healey MkII, 1974-1975

High retail- $23,900
Average retail- $19,350
Low retail- $9,325

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