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 Posted: 09-04-2007 06:29 am
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Anybody have an opinion regarding the big brake kits?  Any problems?  Worth the money?

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 Posted: 09-20-2007 04:00 am
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Joined: 09-17-2007
Location: San Francisco, California USA
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I think its a great setup, it's not out of the realm of reason to suggest it's actually x2 the stopping power.  Very well machined and great quality. 

Only gripe I have with the design is the fade.  It's actually not as bad as you would think, especially considering the stock rotors are paper-thin and small diameter.  4 quick stops from around 60mph will give you a noticable fade, but the aluminum calipers do a great job of defracting the heat.  The old JH cast iron calipers also had a little fade from what i recall, but they didn't stop half as well.

My partial solution is to run a brake duct from the bumper to the caliper.  It's a custom job but you can get all you need from places like Pegasus.  Requires cutting/mods to the bumper and caliper dust bracket. 

Cross drilling is another option (remeber this goes far beyond a drillpress, get it done right at a machine shop that specializes). 

Anyone know a rotor source for high-performance stock replacements? 

Chris Morlock

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 Posted: 09-24-2007 06:48 am
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I have them as well. Bear in mind if you are running on the stock 13" wheels you need the 30mm adapters to clear the inside of the front wheels.

Since your front wheels will then be pushed out further then your rears...you might want to put 30mm adapters/spacers there too (which I did).

Performance is great! i do not use the stock rotor, but the performance rotors Delta sells (with the holes, to reduce fade).

The other noticeable difference is: JH BIG BRAKES weigh less then 30% compared to the  stock ones!

It is truly a performance upgrade and a must if you have a 2.2L engine with over 200+ BHP. Small detail: JenSport ...i like it

good luck

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