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 Posted: 09-20-2007 04:00 am
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I think its a great setup, it's not out of the realm of reason to suggest it's actually x2 the stopping power.  Very well machined and great quality. 

Only gripe I have with the design is the fade.  It's actually not as bad as you would think, especially considering the stock rotors are paper-thin and small diameter.  4 quick stops from around 60mph will give you a noticable fade, but the aluminum calipers do a great job of defracting the heat.  The old JH cast iron calipers also had a little fade from what i recall, but they didn't stop half as well.

My partial solution is to run a brake duct from the bumper to the caliper.  It's a custom job but you can get all you need from places like Pegasus.  Requires cutting/mods to the bumper and caliper dust bracket. 

Cross drilling is another option (remeber this goes far beyond a drillpress, get it done right at a machine shop that specializes). 

Anyone know a rotor source for high-performance stock replacements? 

Chris Morlock

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