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Shipping my Jensen Healey  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 10-27-2006 06:27 pm
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Hello all,


I am a new member and hope to draw upon the vast knowledge banks here for help. Firstly, I recently bought a 73 JH to rebuild with my son. My dad rebuilt a 74 Alfa Spyder with me and not only was it a great Father-Son experience, but fantastically fun first car and the advantage of knowing it inside-out helped me to appreciate the maintenance requirements.

Anyway...we purchased #11142 and have done a bit of work on it together since May. As we near finish, I bought a hood (there was originally a funky, warped old fiberglass hood bolted in place) and as I placed it on the car my heart sunk. The front end is horribly mis-matched. It was unnoticable until now, but the driver's side headlight and frame-end are about 1 1/2 inches further front than the passenger.

I am now in a dilemma. I have not told my son about my discovery. I sent it to a body shop under the auspices of getting it painted. I am worried that the estimate will be ridiculous for a car I have already spent about $1200 on already. So...my option is to buy another member's JH from this website.

My big question is...does anyone know or have any experience with shipping? I will need to ship from S. Cal to Austin, TX. The car is reasonably priced and I would go for it, but the price of shipping may again blow my budget. Any suggestions?



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 Posted: 10-27-2006 06:34 pm
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Ron Earp

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Just used these guys, from my Lola post....


Rich's Classic Transport to bring the Lola from Detroit to Raleigh NC. These guys are fantastic, and do nice work. I've worked with two transport companies in the past, both good, but these fellows are my favorite now. Rich and Doug Lacy are the owners, and drivers, and use enclosed trailers to move their cars around. Super nice, good to work with, and prompt as well as on time. http://www.rct1966.com or 402-366-1848.

Cost me about $750 from Detroit to Raleigh NC. Basically around $1 a mile.

As far as that mismatch, heck, I imagine there are more than a few JHs out there with some mismatch. Remember, the car has a subframe for the front end, so that might be all square with the rest of the car and it could drive perfectly straight and fine. Or, it might not if the mounting points for the subframe are also out of alignment.

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