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1973 JH #IIIO IGNITION  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 07-21-2006 08:17 pm
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matthew falconer

Joined: 07-21-2006
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     Mr. Fletcher, I hope I'm doig this right ,as I just became a member today!

        It's not like I'm not familiar with lucas<aka..THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS >,because, I'v had a mini ooper,austin healey, jag, etc.Also raced triumph and BSA motorcycles for a living back in the 70s,but this has me stumped!

      I installed new points & condenser, I also fond many wires frayed and in bad shape ,and replaced them. Also I found the ballast resistor was bad and,after reading Mark R's post on how to test coil ,found coil was also bad. I replced them with a std. 12 volt coil and a axcel ,<HIGH OUTPUT>, ballast resistor, for lack of lucas parts in my part of Nortern California < Placerville>. Also went though distributor,replaced the breaker plate ground wire and everthing is good. I'v got points set @ 16 ,and with ignition on , dist. out of block everything is cool! As soon as touch it to motor block ,I get a spark and , of course ground ,and ..... I even tryed running a remote ground stap from coil bracket to motor block etc etc . I also thought it might be the dist plastic termanal - ,but after pulling it free frm dist. body everything still grounds out. Any HELP at all would be GREAT!

      I'v read about a few of the members' wifes/girlfriends saying ;:does it run yet ?? etc:".... I bought this JH for my wife at the begaining of summer, ..TO MAKE HER HAPPY, she drove it four days and was happy!Did I mention she is full blooded American Indian?...Custer's last stand would be like a cake walk ,if I don't get her a running soon!


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 Posted: 07-24-2006 01:18 pm
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Brett Gibson JH5 20497

Joined: 03-17-2005
Location: Hilton, New York USA
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Matthew, I dont quite follow what your troubles are, but if your getting zapped with the ignition ON, when you touch the engine block ??? then I would think you have a bad engine ground.


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