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Pertronix Tachometer "blips"  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 01-29-2019 12:09 am
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Rick in Miami

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When you removed the JH tach, the white wires to the back of the tach need to be connected together as power to the coil went through the original tach. The sense wire to the SpeedHut tach needs to be connected to the negative side of the coil. The red pertronix wire needs to be connected to a 12v source. If using a ballast resistor, wire the pertronix to th 12v side.

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 Posted: 01-29-2019 06:03 pm
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Thanks Rick - that was the problem. Actually half the problem as I had neglected to attach the end at the coil. For some reason the white wire from the JH tach to the coil is a separate wire that was added. I don't remember doing this so I think the shop that helped set up the new engine must have done it. Since then I have replaced the main wiring harness. I should probably figure out what's up with the white wires in the harness.

Back to spitting though. For those of you with O2 meters, what ratios are you shooting for at idle and above idle? I have read that you have to run a little rich to be safe. Is the reading steady? Mine bounces around a lot.

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