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resealing cam towers  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 01-03-2016 09:51 pm
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Location: Diamond Harbour, New Zealand
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Hi folks,

This is my first time working with this engine, and is more complex than I'm used to - ford kents and pintos mainly.

Have massive oil leaks such that people can't see behind me when I slow down / turn right. So it looks like the cam boxes themselves are the problem.

I do have a workshop manual, so have the basics of what to do, but any practical experience will be gratefully received. I assume it would be a good time to address any valve clearance issues as well?

I've also heard that the gaskets are to be removed ( mine is a replacement, later engine, and I can't see one - is this correct? ). What sealer do people suggest as I don't see Loctite 504 still being available?

Also, what should I be replacing as a matter of course??

Sorry for all these questions!

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 Posted: 01-04-2016 05:26 am
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I chime in and say the same thing. I used the std gaskets provided by Delta Motor Sports and did in initially the following way:

1. Put black Permatex on both sides of the gasket material and then place the gasket on the cam cover.
2. Put each hex head bolt and sealoc washer and gently tighten each bolt in an alternating pattern and gradually tighten each to the recommended torque setting making sure that the gasket is not squeezed out by pushing any portion of the gasket back into the seal area..
3. Wait one day and retorque each bolt making sure that the gasket is not squeezed out..

Well mine still leaked. Any method that works 100%? I'm really in need of a fix to cure this leak.

I just completed my stroker crank rebuild and am so happy with the result of HP and especially torque. Just need to fine tune. What a ride!!!

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 Posted: 01-04-2016 06:19 am
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Overtorque once and the covers are warped => never sealing properly again. I don't think anyone ever managed to get a proper seal with the paper gaskets, use the rubber ones from the club store (and no sealant). Those should get you close.

The proper cure is to replace the cam tower with the towers from a 912/910.


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 Posted: 01-04-2016 05:56 pm
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Jensen Healey
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I block sanded the mating surfaces to remove the major imperfections, cleaned thoroughly with acetone, and installed the silicone gasket dry using a bit of masking tape to locate the gasket and keep it from touching the oily bits.

I hand torqued the bolts to about 10 ft lbs figuring they were over-torqued in the past.

This has worked for me 3 out of 4 attempts.

Don't forget to use new sealing washers on the bolts and a new gasket on the oil cap.

Good luck, Kurt

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