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 Posted: 01-03-2016 08:51 pm
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Hi folks,

This is my first time working with this engine, and is more complex than I'm used to - ford kents and pintos mainly.

Have massive oil leaks such that people can't see behind me when I slow down / turn right. So it looks like the cam boxes themselves are the problem.

I do have a workshop manual, so have the basics of what to do, but any practical experience will be gratefully received. I assume it would be a good time to address any valve clearance issues as well?

I've also heard that the gaskets are to be removed ( mine is a replacement, later engine, and I can't see one - is this correct? ). What sealer do people suggest as I don't see Loctite 504 still being available?

Also, what should I be replacing as a matter of course??

Sorry for all these questions!