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Vaccum Hose for servo unit.  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 08-03-2014 03:35 pm
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I have had problems with my servo unit lately and it has turned out they my old vacuum hose was blocked, needs to be replaced.

I goes from the inlet manifold to a small plastic T. From the T there is a connection to the servo unit and a small hose going to the small valve mounted inside the car next to the heater.

In the small hose i found a non return valve . It was mounted correctly meaning that the engine could draw vacuum through it.

Any Idea on why it is mounted inside this hose?

What kind of hose are you using as Vaccum Hose? Connections on both manifold and servo unit is 10 mm.


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 Posted: 08-04-2014 07:38 am
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Hi Kim,
Not familiar with your setup but on my GT vacuum goes from the inlet to a 'T' and leads directly to the non return valve on the inlet of the servo. A smaller 3mm hose goes from the 'T' to a vacuum operated air distribution valve under the dash then another hose back to the water valve bolted to the cam cover which regulates the water to the heater. I believe Stromberg equipped cars had an additional 'T' and vacuum hose to the distributor which was not on the Dellortos.
A good source for all kinds of Motorsport bits is Merlin Motorsport - good to deal with and ship international. They have the hoses you need.

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