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After market coil  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 10-08-2009 01:49 pm
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Dan (Florida)

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As an easy project to gain a little more power and easy starts I just replaced the old Allison coil (probably around 20-25,000 volts) to a Jacobs ultra coil that is good for  around 60,000 volts. The Crane ignition and MSD together didnt produce  enough power to improve matters but this coil sure does! 

It cost about $83.00 from Jegs in Ohio, and was about a 45 minute install.  One of the "Hot ignition" Gurus recommended  this type of coil in an online article as  a good investment for a street car/truck.  Apparantly crank trigger ignitions are good if you are consistantly running above 9000 rpm and might be a little expensive for a normal street engine, although I would like to have 100,000 volts on hand to extend plug life.

The only drawback is that it burns off everything in the combustion chamber and has a tendacy to smoke a lot more when hot, but that is probably valve guides.  It also tends to fire down the tailpipe  with a huge bang right when you don't want it to.

It starts easier, has more power and the weber carb flat spot is much less with it.I recommend it as a good easy project.


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 Posted: 10-08-2009 02:54 pm
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Jensen Healey
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I have had problems with the rotor when my MSD unit is connected. It carbon tracks down through the middle and shorts out. I purchased some red rotors from Advanced Distributors to prevent such issues. You may need some with that much voltage!



JH 13148

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