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tranny circlip/snapring  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 07-02-2009 01:39 am
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Paul Koehler

Joined: 04-06-2005
Location: Malone, New York USA
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I've already busted two different set of snap ring pliers, trying to get the internal circlip off the rear-end of my 4-speed. I'm getting a bit frustrated, but am almost ready to drop the big $ for Snap-On, Mac or non POS brand.

Anybody have experience removing that bad-boy snap-ring. My ultimate goal is to replace to transmission seal. It is not exactly pissing out oil, but every time I chech the floor, I can see where it has "marked its territory", and seeing how it is such a "pleasure" to add more oil, I thought it time to change the seal.

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 Posted: 07-02-2009 01:42 am
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Joined: 05-15-2006
Location: Tempe, Arizona USA
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Steve and I just did the same thing on his JH 4-speed.

The trick is to get the snap ring started and use a coulpe small screw drivers as shims to keep it from dropping back into the track.

It requires a little patience, but isn't that hard. We did it with two small screwdrivers and a set of ring pliers from Harbor Freight.

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