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 Posted: 05-04-2010 11:22 pm
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The jet orifice dimension is very specific. As the metering needle is biased, it will wear the orifice into an oval shape over the years and make the Strombergs run so rich as to be no longer adjustable. As mentioned, the problem with replacing them is getting the non-adjustable jet back to the correct height since they are pressed in way too tight to begin with- it's a completely stupid design to meet emission laws of the time. Earlier versions of the Stromberg 175 CD seen in the Volvo were adjustable as they were threaded and could easily be serviced.

Having done this before, my first inclination would be to throw the bodies away and try and find an earlier version or at least something in better shape. If a 2 ton press cannot push the jet into the exact position you need them to be in, then the carbs will never run correctly as a result. You can try and take off some material from the body or the new jet, but you will need to be careful to leave enough for a snug fit.