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 Posted: 08-27-2009 07:27 pm
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Hey All!

I am new to JHPS and the forum.  We are in Lafayette Louisiana.

I just bought a 74 JH that I owned 10 years ago.  It suffered a carburetor fire that was hot enough to melt the stacks off the Dellortos.  It looks like it sat in the weather for the entire time it was away and the gas tank is shot, the engine is locked and the floors are rotted.  I purchased one of those aluminum ones and will be taking precautions to ensure it doesn't leak.  My problem is the fuel sensor.  It is so bad the line is plugged with rust.  What I want to know is....  Has anyone here ever thought about adapting a Spitfire or MGB sender to this tank.  They have the same mount setup.  The JH part when available is $170 at DMS (which it is not right now).  I can get used ones cheap and a new one is $49.  I was going to tap the drain plug to get a fuel supply.  The pump in the trunk is very messy and I always had a gas smell back there.