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 Posted: 11-28-2008 09:02 pm
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I suggest raise the car up and place it on jackstands, but put the stands under the suspension. This keeps the tires from flatspotting. The reason for putting the stands under the suspension and not the car: if the suspension hangs free, the rubber bushings are twisted. In the same way that tires can flatspot, the rubber can take a set. Then next spring when the car is put back on the wheels the suspension bushings can be damaged. If the car has urethane suspension bushings then the suspension can either hang free or be loaded by putting the stands under the suspension.

Gary's comments on the Battery Tender, changing the oil and adding Sta-bil are right on the money. I'll add: keep the fuel tank full. If it's stored with the tank near empty, moisture can condense inside the air gap between the fuel level and the top of the tank.


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