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 Posted: 03-19-2008 08:57 pm
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Frank Schwartz


My son Mark, had one from Delta and he made a bracket out of a piece of sheet metal and monted the spoiler to it...and it is now removeable...which is nice in case it gets cracked or damaged.  Next time he is by here (probably the first of next week) I will ask him to get on this site and tell you what he did.  I am not sure if he will come to J2008E with his car or not..  I maybe can take a picture of underneath as you cannot see the bracket from the top.  It was a piece of metal about three inches wide and long enough to fit in front of the lower valence or whatever it is called.  He used pop rivets that have threads in them and spaced them along the long sheet metal bracket and also on the fender mounting points...they are not seen , but stainless 1/4 X 20 screws hold it in place securely.     Frankly, I gave up on fitting it up to the car and told him I would not do the job...but he insisted he had an idea and began hammering that piece of metal to the proper curve and in an hour had it shaped properly...I was actually surprised how cleverly he figured out the perfect mounting setup.