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 Posted: 03-18-2008 04:26 pm
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I am pleased to announce that I (finally) have a set of JH lug nuts for the Dunlop wire wheel which the dealer originally fitted to the cars.  I got tired of the originals splitting and cracking with age and pressure so these are solid lugs and can be removed from between the spokes with a thin wall socket.  My local JH mechanic advised against the hollow ones again as he's tired of welding a bolt to the cracked ones in order to get them off (and we're talking about a car that is NEVER in the weather).  So, here's the deal....I am offering these in sets of 4 for $72/set plus shipping.  That's $18 per lug or about what I paid for them almost 5 years ago when I bought my last ones.  I'd prefer to sell them in sets of 4 and you can have one or all 4 spare sets I have.  Again, these are solid lugs and not tapped for the allen wrench. 

If you are interested in a set, please email me at and we'll discuss payment and shipping options.

Finally!  Now we can get our JH back on the road, just in time for spring!