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 Posted: 08-22-2007 12:57 pm
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Dan (Florida)


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Removed the stainless strip below the windshield this weekend and cleaned out all of the old sealer and refit the strip to see what was making it stick out so far (half inch at the center) .  There is a perpendicular section of this strip that fits under and supports the bottom of the glass which in my opinion is a little wide. This holds the stainless molding strip a good half inch away from the glass (way too much). I trimmed this back to around 1/4"  and refit resulting with a flush fit  at the edges and 1/4" in the center.  The wipers will actually park on the strip out of sight .  There was also a rubber gasket  that I eliminated that held the strip off and sealed around the screw heads that was not replaced. That area was sealed with windshield sealer as well.  The whole area looks better with the smaller gap at the windshield base.