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 Posted: 03-24-2007 04:48 pm
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Frank Schwartz


Well, so far, I have eliminated the fuel pump.  Found my gauge and it shows exactly
3 pounds of pressure at the "T" it is not fuel flow.  I still feel the ignition (Crane) is suspect. As soon as my son comes over so he can help me, he can use the ignition key
while I check that I am getting a good spark.  I  have a coil lead to plug into the coil and see if a good spark is produced as the distributor this is good...then the only problem not solved or double checked is the carburetors.  Maybe the floats are stuck...gosh, how I hate removing those buggers...especially since I know absolutely zilch about those Strombergs...
I will report back to this thread once I get into this more...
Thanks for all the advice from everyone.