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 Posted: 01-24-2007 01:46 am
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    I'm poking around with installing a pair of harnesses on my car.  The old seat belts are actually gone and there's only a shoulder strap for both driver and passenger on the car.  I put in a roll bar recently so now I have lots of things to attach the harness to if I want to use that as my point.

My question is - what have other people done?  I'm wondering if I should use the roll bar or just put a bolt thru the pan on the shelf behind the seats. 

Any suggestions? 

I think the bar itself is too high and too close to the back of the seat to be viable for the attachment point.  But I could use the vertical supports.  Or should I just put a bolt thru the pan and be done with it? 

While I'm at it - I should share my stereo installation experience.  I had a bunch of help but I now have a really nice detachable face radio installed with a very nice set of Infinity speakers installed in the doors.  It took a little 'finaggling' with the sawzall to cut a couple of small 'slits' in the area that held the baby speakers that were originally installed.  But, a few taps later with a hammer, there was plenty of room for the magnets.  I was suprised and just how smoothly it did go.  And these speakers have separate tweeters so we installed these in the door by cutting thru the pleather and cardboard.  There's one hole in the door skin that fits a speaker VERY nicely.

For the rear I didn't want to bother with cutting thru the pan and trying to mount something there.  Neither did I want to dink around with building a box that would fit back around the roll bar to mount speakers.  The latter was my plan until I came across a unique solution.  I found some nice 6.5" wakeboard tower mounts.  These have clamps for mounting on the bars of wakeboard boats.  I mounted them low on the vertical supports of the rollbar.  They look really nice and clean. 

And it sounds pretty damn good too! I have no problem hearing my music now at 80mph under full accelleration - not that I would know mind you - but in theory anyway. . .