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 Posted: 05-20-2006 12:28 am
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Ron Earp

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D.Drake wrote:
 I do beleive in shopping locally as much as possible  it is nice to keep local businesses afloat  as they tend to be where you go when you are having difficulties . I don't mind paying a few points more for that 
I agree and do the same. But, in some case, such as with this obvious swap in part that is much less than rebuilding my old unit and much more reliable, I have to go for the new part.

But, I do everything as local as I can with respect to car stuff, even saving some purchases for the trackside parts vendor at higher prices.  A lot of racers do this just so he knows he is needed, makes some money, and keeps coming back. Because the one time he doesn't come back will be the one time you really need his $30 brake line, $20 bottle of MoTuL, etc. and you'll have wasted a weekend tring to race and not getting anywhere.