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 Posted: 04-04-2006 03:36 pm
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Prior to starting the  restoration of 15851, I noticed that the dash lights were very dim, even when turned up to full brilliance. I did a little researching on the internet and found some bulbs with the same fitting (miniature screw base) and a higher wattage (12V @ 0.41A  = 4.9W). Enough to improve the system without overburdening the lighting circuit (white wires with red tracer). The dash went in a couple of months ago and the battery was connnected last month to test the whole electrical system. The lights work much better. The supplier was Norman Lamps Inc, 1-800-992-8020 or at  the part number is MS-1295. I think I paid $10 + shipping  for a box of 10. They are rated with a life of 7500 hours. If you drove the car at night for an hour a day every day they'd last over 20 years! I think it may be possible to change over the dash bulbs without removing the dash itself.