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 Posted: 10-06-2023 02:45 pm
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Jr: noomg is correct in that you can remove the front suspension fairly easily by his method. Art is also correct in that the lower arms(as well as the upper wishbones) are interchangeable.
However, the adding of a FRONT sway bar is NOT needed, UNLESS you plan on making a full racecar. A rear sway bar would be preferred, but adjustable SPAX shocks take care of that as well.
Your lower arm flange was likely distorted from someone (long ago) using too large "socket"/whatever trying to press the bushing out(I have seen this many times). Using heat, cutting hole tools, hack saw(to cut lightly into the outer metal casing) will likely be needed--good luck!
One thing I HIGHLY recommend is the welding of a 1/8" or thicker plate to the front of the subframe for the lower arm(here's my link:
Right now, I just happen to be redoing the entire front subframe on th GT I purchased from the late Joe Mazurk. My email, SKYPE, phone # are listed under my profile, so please contact me(even if you need a better lower arm) if you wish.
take care, bruce/redracer