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 Posted: 12-11-2020 05:50 pm
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The floorboards problem was largely caused by those damned molded rubber floormats that came with the car. They trapped water underneath them which caused the floor boards to rust out. I know they look nice and are heavy duty but the first thing I'd do is replace them with something that breathes. Hopefully you can get by with a little patching and rust mitigation, but if not repair panels are available.


While it doesn't look like the plastic tee is a problem for Dennis, it would be interesting to find a car that actually still had one. Personally I'd be surprised if any plastic tee cars still existed, by this time I'd think they'd all be gone either by burning up, replacement with metal, or just perished from age and replaced.

My car for example, when I bought it in '93 it was a beater, driver and looked like the only maintenance it got was to keep it on the road, but even with that lack of care at some point before '93 that tee was replaced.