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 Posted: 03-29-2005 02:37 pm
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VIN 17948 is back on the road after 2 decades.  It's restoration is almost complete (finishing touches still to be done) and now just needs to accumulate some break-in miles on its new 2.2l stroker engine.  I posted pics in the "Photo Gallery" under New York.  As always, the restoration took alot longer and cost more than I initially projected.

I initially picked this up in a junk yard in 2002 for parts and the engine.  After finding another parts car I decided to do the restoration.  As with my previous restoration, VIN 17691, the JHPS message board was a great help.  Thanks to all for sharing their vast knowledge and advice.

The 2.2 feels extremely "torquey", but I won't know what it can really do until the rest of our spring snow melts and I can complete some break-in miles.  The 2.2 was built with a JHPS "Bedford" crank, Lotus 107 cams and HTD sprockets, Dellorto DHLA 45 carbs jetted per JHPS recommedations, JE 9.5 pistons and Pertronix Ignitor.  I still have to install the MSD ignition and tach module.

Electrical wiring was somewhat of a challenge this time.  Almost all the electrical issues turned out to be ground and connector issues, as predicted by Mark Rosenbaum.  It was just that multiple bad connections resulted in some very strange symptoms which required a very methodical approach to trouble shooting.

I will post more as I discover what it can do and unearth new "challenges".