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 Posted: 10-15-2005 11:26 pm
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Gary Martin JH 15371


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On JH 15371 I have a coolant leak at both ends of the radiator hose between the water pump and intake manifold. The hoses are new, purchased from Delta MS. The metal surface on manifold and water pump are very clean, no residue. The manifold hose is one of those coregated flex hoses. It is a Gates hose, which is usually good quality stuff.

The hose clamps are new, and I have tried tightening them several times. Still drips a few drips from each end, even when the car is not running. I have not tried double clamps yet. One note on the Gates hose. It has this small passage way from end to end. It looks like it would interfere with clamping. Not sure what this pasage way is for. Never seen this on any other hose on any car. When you put the clamp on it compresses this opening and then hose looks like any normal hose.

Anyone have similar problems with this hose ? Should I take off and put Permatex or some other sealer inside hose ends ? Or use a different hose ? Jim at Delta says he sells a lot of these hoses, so it should work.