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 Posted: 12-25-2018 06:43 pm
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I replaced my original pump with a Facet 25 years ago, it still works fine and that's without any kind of regulator in line.

Rebuilding your ZSs first is a good idea, it's a cheap and relatively simple way to go. You can always go Dellorto if you're not happy with the ZSs afterwards.

As far as leaks go, there are two kinds; fuel(important), air(annoying). The rebuild kits are usually general kits and will usually fix the fuel leaks but do little to address air leaks. The most notable symptom of an air leak is a lumpy or uneven idle. This is usually caused by worn throttle shafts and bushings. Easy way to check for air leaks, with the motor warmed and running spray WD-40 on and around the carbs, if there's a leak you'll get an RPM change. Once the carbs are off changing the shafts and bushings is fairly straightforward.

Don't forget your jets and needles, if the jet hole is oval or needle has scrapes or is shinny on one side, replace both. All this is easier than it sounds, the hardest part will probably rounding up the parts.