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 Posted: 12-03-2017 06:45 pm
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I've never seen a JH converted to automatic, but Lotus did offer a 907/ Borg-Warner 3-spd auto combination in the Series 1 Elite & Eclat. Salvaging parts from one of those might be the easy way to go. Not many were built, but try contacting Lotusbits in the UK... it's worth a shot. However, the low-torque 907 and the automatic were not a match made in heaven, and the result was a performance-slug.

A better choice would be the 160 Hp 912LC & automatic used in the S2.2 Elite-Eclat. Better yet would be the 180 Hp 912HC/ auto used in the 1986-onward Excel SA ('A' for automatic).

Or just follow the Atlanta car's lead, and swap in an engine/automatic lump from some other brand... like the Nissan. Originality is out the window anyway, so why worry about forcing the stock, low compression JH 907 into duty it's ill-prepared to perform.

Tim Engel

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