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 Posted: 09-21-2017 12:19 am
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My speedo stopped working , so I bought a new cable. I tested the speedo installed with an electric drill replacing the trans pinion connection. The speedo worked fine. After connecting the cable to the trans speedo pinion
I test drove , my speedo is stuck at 5 or 10 mph , but my odometer
Works but not the speedo? Do I need a new pinion or what? Has any one have a clue?

Update 9/21--- I tried to remove the speedo pinion but only the bushing would come out , the square hole for cable was good, I tested the speedometer with a drill and it only vibrates, I test drove and now the odometer doesn't work , I disconnected the cable and left it hanging to see it spins while driving, it did not. ! So , now I have two problems both the speedometer and possibly the speedo wheel inside the trans. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
9/21 pm update, after taking the pinion out again I found that it was not seated correctly, so I'll test drive again. Well tested without cable attached pinion is turning, great, but trip odometer works but no speedo, looks like a new vdo speedometer if can't find someone to repair it. Any feed back is appreciated.
Update 9/24.. found local shop to fix speedo.

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