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 Posted: 03-28-2017 07:10 pm
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I do not know of one specifically made for a JH. My son Mark put one on his steel bumper one by inserting a tube through the holes in the rear mounting bracket and welding it in place, and then welding a plate with the square tube receiver mounted (welded) to it. If you add a trailer hitch, which has worked nicely on his car with a small utility clamshell trailer for clothing, tool sets, etc, you will have to get an adapter as the regular trailer wiring is not compatible with the JH wiring connections.
Also on the rubber bumper, you can make or find a L shaped piece of plate and bolt it right up into the bumper as it is rubber covereed solid thickness aluminum..and we drilled and tapped holes in it and bolted the plate right on, with the receiver tube welded to the plate. The lip goes to the back side (facing front) of the big bumper and is very solid indeed.