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 Posted: 02-04-2017 02:15 am
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Bfitz241 wrote:
Thanks for the picture. So the oil filter holds the whole thing it
Bingo !
Without the sandwich plate in place, there is a short length of threaded pipe screwed into the Auxiliary Housing. It's long enough to stick out 'about' one inch when fully seated. The oil filter screws onto that threaded stub, and tightens securely in place.

With the sandwich plate, that threaded stub is too short, and wouldn't stick out for the filter to thread on. So, it's is first removed, then the male-female threaded extender, item 13 in the drawing above, is screwed into the Aux Housing. Then the original male threaded pipe is screwed into the adapter.

The extender/ adapter is approximately as long as the sandwich plate is thick. So with the S-plate in place, the male threaded stub still has about the same exposure it had without the S-plate. Spin the oil filter on and tighten it down. The oil filter then acts as the nut that pulls the assembly together, sealing the joints on both sides.

The oil filter has a square rubber O-ring that seals against the outside of the Sandwich Plate, and the S-Plate has a similar O-ring that seals against the Aux Housing. Both O-rings must be in place. The oil filter's O-ring is replaced along with each new oil filter. However, the sandwich plate's O-ring is often allowed to age and lose effectiveness. It should also be replaced periodically.

Tim Engel