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 Posted: 07-23-2016 05:20 pm
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Dear forum users

I installed the JDK S3 short throw shifter on the W58 gearbox in my GT today. Here are some images of the shifter prior to installation.

Installed, the shifter fits perfectly in the stock leather gaiter and supports it just like the original Getrag shifter.

In use, the JDK S3 shifter is fantastic with short, precise shifts. It is also quieter in use, because of the rubber insulator installed in the wider, upper part of the shifter. I also changed out the gearbox oil for Redline MT90 which may also have contributed to there being less noise.

I would thoroughly recommend the JDK S3 short throw shifter for anyone who has installed a W58 gearbox in their J-H or GT. It is not cheap, but it is a quality, US-made item and the maker, Jim King, is more than happy to provide custom units just like he did for me.

Best wishes,

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