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 Posted: 05-21-2016 10:20 am
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I may finally have cured the f¤%&ing misfire problem, and while I was at it I replaced the battery with a fresh 72Ah silver/calsium battery. Naturally, no current standard battery size is a correct fit and the closest I found to the one already installed wouldn't sit right either. No surprises there, then...

I had to raise the battery platform about 1/2" to get a good foundation for the new battery. Thought long and hard on it, then remembered that plastic cutting boards are cheap and easily available. Enter MacGyver mode:

The new battery is a bit taller than the old one, so I was a bit worried the connections might hit the bonnet, so I did a clearance check with the cardboard box the rotor came in. No problems at all, the box wasn't crushed at all.

It only took 3 years to figure out the cause of the misfire, the fix was £15 delivered at my doorstep.