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 Posted: 05-04-2016 05:02 pm
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Assuming the rebuilt one is the same as the originals, yes, there is an adjustment: if you have in back on the car, 1st remove the master cylinder to get it ot of the way of the push rod,
Next, have a friend step on the barke pedal to push the rod forward; you may notice that the end of the rod is hexed shape(5/16").
Use some vise grips at the very end of the round portion near the end end with your 5/16" socket turn(staandard right hand threads) the threaded end that goes into the round end.
CAUTION: be very careful not to use the vise grips far down the round rod or you may lose vacuum. Most of the seals there on our old boosters are hard/worn and a rebuild s called for.