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 Posted: 12-25-2015 06:41 am
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Guess what. It started the first time we fired it up. We could not believe it, but caution and the great help from my two friends Dan Walters and Frank Zizzo both of Tiger andShelby Cobra fame made it happen.

We got the car runniing with the majority of problems getting the oil pump primed properly to get proper oil pressure. Had to take the timing belt off and drive the oil pump with a drill motor. Still not great pressure, so we filled the oil lines to the cooler and force fed the cooler with oil before reattaching hoses and again priming the pump. Finally got oil pressure and were comfortable enough to start the engine again and let it run for a while.

Thats when we found the the cam covers leaked so we ended up taking them off again and used the paper gasket and RTV. Almost no leaks, but I will again take them off and do a super job sealin g them with the paper gasket and a lot more RTV. We will get this fixed soon.

Next is to tune the Delorttos and get it running properly. I made a separate post to get info on the proper spark plugs for the 2.2 stroker crank motor with the 10.5:1 JE pistons. Would like the proper gap also. Can anyone help here.

Get this behind us and can complete the interior door panels and ge the rebuilt dash and interior completed. Still ahve to put the new windshield in and then finally install the hood and complete buttoning up the car. Really getting close.

My goal is to get the car road worthy and drive it to the next JH meeting about 50 miles away without the need for a tow or breaking down. That will be an accomplishment!

I know that I've promised getting photos out of this rebuild, but using the JH forum is a pain. Any ideas where I could post pics for all to be able to view?

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