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 Posted: 11-26-2015 09:25 pm
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So, I've read through pages of old threads on past efforts to come up with a limited slip unit for the standard J-H rear axle. However, I'm very interested in adding a limited slip to my J-H project car, and can't use a non-standard axle like the Firenza, Toyota, or Mazda RX-7 to get one.

So, I stopped by Gripper Differentials in Coventry, UK today. While there, I handed them a spare J-H differential carrier to use for measurements and possibly design & production of a limited slip unit for the J-H. They're hopeful a suitable design can be developed that avoids expensive custom tooling. There are currently two of us interested in a unit. If anyone else is interested, drop me a message, as more units will reduce the per unit price. Not a lot more details for now. Note - it may be a few weeks before we know the feasibility & cost.


p.s. Gripper had a Vauxhall Firenza competition limited slip sitting on the shelf. If only my race rules allowed running the larger differential housing required for this diff...

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