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 Posted: 10-04-2014 01:47 pm
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Rick Willard

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Hi Schorse...the RHD thing is just a preference. I've had a few LHD JH's over the years - they're unique cars, as we'd all agree. But for the brief period I had my RHD 2.2 here in the States, it was just a great experience (fulfilling an idea that I had way back in the 80's). I didn't care about overtaking folks as I didn't tend to go racing on two lane roads very often anyway. And when I did, the 2.2 RHD didn't have any problem quickly passing other cars. Again, just a personal preference, and only a POSSIBLE option down the road. The red one pictured is a really good car. For right now, I'll just focus on drivetrain upgrades (5-speed conversion) and a few cosmetic items. Cheers! Rick