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 Posted: 11-11-2013 07:06 pm
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As mentioned in my restoration thread, Ms. J is off the road for the winter and the disassembly is beginning.  One thing I need to address is the leaky fuel tank (at least I'm pretty sure it's the tank, haven't taken it and the pump out to inspect all the fittings and such).  It's not gushing or anything, but the boot pretty much stinks of gasoline, I can see dampness on the boot floor, and there is a small puddle that forms near the left rear wheel when she sits for any length of time.

Assuming it is the tank, I'm curious as to what your experiences are with the various solutions (such as POR-15 or the Eastwood kit) out there to seal it.  I've read through the posts and seen a lot of varying opinions as to what works and what doesn't  The reviews seem to be all over the map too, though I tend to treat online reviews with a grain of salt since I have no idea if the reviewer actually followed the directions.  I trust opinions on this forum much more.

Alternatively, has anyone bought and installed one of Jorge's replacement tanks of late?  Those reviews are kind of all over the map too.