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 Posted: 10-17-2013 06:44 am
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Hi everyone... due to our lovely Wisconsin weather, Ms. Jenavieve is probably a week or two away from the start of her teardown to swap out her body parts for the rust free ones I scavenged from the parts car I acquired this summer.

While she's apart, I am planning on addressing a few non-body related things, and one regards the airbox/air filter.  I haven't seen a direct answer to this question on the forum (though some indirect ones), so I will bring it up again.

Currently, she has K&N aftermarket filters on her.  The carbs are the standard US issue Strombergs (and no, I don't plan on replacing them with Dellortos).  I do have the factory airbox and all fittings, which was in the boot when I got her.

Keeping in mind that I am not racing her or trying to squeeze every available bit of HP out of her (she is just a fun road machine),  is there any advantage or disadvantage to the factory airbox vs. the K&N filters, keeping in mind that these are Strombergs we are talking about?  Reason being that I am trying to keep her as original as possible, and if it's a wash performance wise between them, I think I would like to put the factory airbox back on just because it makes her more unique under the hood for shows and such.

Looking for advice from those who have been there.