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 Posted: 08-26-2013 02:48 pm
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10628 will be getting a 2.2L w/ flowed head, 10.5:1 pistons, lighter rods, center-doweled bearing ladder, steel flywheel, W58 trans, ARP rod and head fasteners, and Megasquirt (using some fairly well-worn Dellortos as throttle bodies).

I think pasta would hold studs better than the aluminum used in 907s.  Strangely, only one cam carrier stud stripped during the shimming process (and the PO had Helicoiled one), but then after sitting for several months before finally installing the carriers (as in, for the friggin' last time), four more stripped.  Thanks To Jensen Healey, Super Mod, for mentioning in a post that it's wise to have a Helicoil set on hand.  Or two.

VR bracket is actually for a Mitsu Starion -- an ebay seller has them listed for $20 or so.  A new hole, and a small bracket left over from my A6 2.7T turbo upgrade job (as in, where the hell does THIS go??  Oh well, I'm sure it will be fine without it...) and we have a suitably rigid mount that works with a Mk I front cover.  The 36 -1 wheel is from a Ford Taurus; thanks to Steve D. for the suggestion.  His write-up is comprehensive and useful. I'm hoping to have this all timed so I can drop it in when the weather turns too cold for top-down driving, but not typical mid-winter Colorado cold...

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