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 Posted: 06-09-2013 04:26 am
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So... I'm in the process of disassembling Ms. Jenavieve's donor car (details in another thread).  In the process, a few questions have come to mind...

1.  What exactly is the trick to getting the rear fenders off?  I have every bolt and rivet imaginable removed, and it would appear that the only thing holding the rear fender on now is a tiny weld at the rear where it meets the trunklid.  That one's not a big deal.  However, it still seems to be attached at the top front in the doorframe, even though I've drilled out all rivets and actually cut through the weld where it was smoothed off where it wraps around the doorframe.  It seems like there should be nothing holding it on, but it is kind of pivoting at that point, not breaking free (and also seems like it's attached all the way along the trunk lip).

2.  How exactly are the rockers attached?  Are there any bolts involved, or is it simply welded to the bodyshell?  I was hoping to get a better idea once the rear fender was removed, but.... see #1 above.

3.  What is the best way to remove the floorpans from your experience?  Cut them out?  Try to heat up the welds to pop them free?

Since the donor car is going to be scrapped once I remove everything I want, I'm leaning toward just cutting the parts I need off, basically leaving the parts of the bodyshell that seem to still be welded in place attached (in other words, keeping the parts I need intact and cutting an extra inch off of the remaining bodyshell just so I can get the parts off, and then dealing with removing the extraneous material once the parts are removed).  However, when it comes time to remove the parts from Ms. Jenavieve to be replaced with these, I'll be running into the same issues again, so figured it was best to get it sorted out ahead of time.