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 Posted: 03-05-2013 12:42 pm
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I've tried several ways with moderate success.  Currently using gasket cork  glued to the cover  using a non hardening sealer  and about 50 spring clothes pins per cover until the sealer sets. I think the maintenance manual says to apply sealer to one side only so I seal to the cover. once set I trim the excess cork off of the inside of the cover to keep the oil from building up  behind the cork.  The cover will rotate around the ends as it tightens down so I tighten the bottom screws first to make sure the lower edge of the cover seals best before tightening the upper screws.  I tried the rubber seals but they tend to slide if you use any sealing compound.  It still isn't perfect but I dont leave as many blue clouds as I use to.

hth Dan