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 Posted: 12-04-2012 03:20 pm
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Update>>I have several reasons, for the Vette C5 torque tube: strenght to weight, rubber coupled drive shaft at each end, and the rigid aluminum outer tube will add substantial torsional and beam strength to the highly flexible standard tub.Yes, there are many different, "smart" motors available now, but I wanted a "Hemi Healey". Yes, it's not a "real" Healey as some would say, but it's close enough for me. This engine will be just dumb enough, that I can work on it. This means Megasquirt III contol of ignition and (2) tbi's on an Edelbrock dual plane/quad manifold. Target is 450+ hp. at the wheels. I don't anticipate too much nodding-off, while piloting, in Riverside County. Cheers, roverman.

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