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 Posted: 02-08-2011 11:34 pm
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Hi Brett-yea, good question but I installed the Petronix mod & coil after rotating the dog and all worked fine...getting about 15 plus degrees of advance when reved and so I believe the weights are functioning correctly...still not getting a smooth running car, so I am sending it over to Eugene to the Sports Car Shop to diagnois.  Here is their theory:  The only part that I did not change on the Stromberg carbs was the jets.  I did have new ones, but the the books advised against changing them, so I did not install them.  Bob, at the Sports car Shop, has seen an example of the bleed hole in the jet plugged up and causing the carb to flood.  This makes sense as I have the dampner adjustments backed all the way out counter-clockwise and am still too rich. This problem has plagued the car since I put it together.  All this does not give us an answer to why the replacement distributor had the dog swapped 180 but that must be another story.  Thanks for your input. Hope all is not to snowy in Hilton.  My sister-in-law is here, in Oregon, visiting from Hilton...she's glad to be visiting.   Regards, Hank