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 Posted: 12-25-2010 06:58 pm
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After having a stuck brake piston I have gone through the front brakes. As expected the seals were deteriorated and the pistons and calipers were rusty. They cleaned up nicely and I have just finished reassembly with new front brake hoses, pads, and caliper 'rebuild' kits from Delta. I had the rotors turned at a local shop (still > 8mm thickness). I'll be bleeding the brakes and refilling with Castrol GT LMA.

As long as I'm bleeding the system is there any maintenance I should do no the rear brakes (Girling, VIN 12827)? The (single) brake hose appears to be in good shape but I'll replace it if I can find it locally.

I have had no issues with the rear brakes (the parking brake seems to hold OK) so unless somebody says 'check this' I'm going to just leave it alone.

Thanks in advance,

Speedy Mitch