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Miscellaneous > My new JH (0 replies - 3959 views)

I was about to fly out to Los Angeles with my wife a few weeks back and pick up my new driver, 14923, that I ...   05-16-2006 04:29 am

Miscellaneous > e-Bay Spasm Recovery (6 replies - 10622 views)

It is about a half mile East of Indian Meridian in the very middle of Oklahoma.  The Indian Meridian is where the land run border ...   05-16-2006 04:23 am

Wheels > Original Wheels (17 replies - 31340 views)

I work with AC.  We use MEK a lot for spot cleaning of bare aluminum before priming and painting and the commercial painters chemical strip the ...   03-25-2006 04:28 am

Engine & Transmission > new photos of the Shark and its new engine (9 replies - 13799 views)

Just beautiful.  I noticed that you say that you have foam under the tank brackets.  Wasn't this one of the areas of concern for condensate ...   11-30-2005 01:48 pm

Carburetors > New Aluminum Tanks - Anyone Interested? (103 replies - 72671 views)

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/JENSEN-HEALEY-FUEL-TANK-BRAND-NEW-ALLOY_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ34198QQitemZ4586055702QQrdZ1   Jorge is now selling these on eBay.  At least they are available for those not able to get in on the initial buy. ...   10-31-2005 07:40 pm

Miscellaneous > Jensen Healey Race Car is "Done" (18 replies - 45816 views)

Very nice. Looks like your about to have more fun than one person should be able to all by himself.   Joey ...   07-25-2005 05:57 pm

Engine & Transmission > Clutch noise/failure to dissengage (3 replies - 7264 views)

This happened to me in Rancho Bernardo, CA two days before I was to go on a little cruise courtesy of the US Navy.  The ...   07-19-2005 05:58 pm

Engine & Transmission > transmission oil (6 replies - 12723 views)

I have always had great luck with the funneland hose method.  I put a catch pan underneath the tranny and have my wife/neighbor/kids keep an ...   05-17-2005 07:04 pm

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