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Engine & Transmission > Oil cooler hose replacement (2 replies - 1670 views)

I ordered new hoses from Delta. Just looking for the experiences from others about the best way to change them (without doing something stupid). ...   05-01-2020 12:25 am

Accessories > Factory Removeable Hard Top parts? (6 replies - 9936 views)

UPDATE: I found that on my "SnugTop", a 3/4 inch round foam seal works perfect. I simply glued the foam seal into the recess ...   05-23-2019 11:38 pm

Accessories > Factory Removeable Hard Top parts? (6 replies - 9936 views)

I too am looking for parts. But my hardtop is a "SnugTop" built in Long Beach CA. I am looking for some sort ...   05-16-2019 09:26 pm

Electrical & Instruments > Related or coincidence? (7 replies - 7554 views)

I had the exact same issue with my car a while back. It was the voltage stabilizer. New one from Moss, problem solved. ...   07-23-2017 10:21 pm

Engine & Transmission > Cam belt tensioner bolt stripped (4 replies - 6206 views)

While putting the front of the engine back together, I discovered that the bolt that passes through the tensioner adjuster is stripped.  The aluminum threads ...   04-08-2015 03:12 am

Miscellaneous > Steering shaft (5 replies - 9240 views)

Does anyone have tips on how to access the bolts on the steering rack?  I'm not convinced that mine are OEM, but getting to the ...   03-10-2015 02:56 pm

Engine & Transmission > Timing belt pully alignment (1 reply - 4023 views)

After I replaced the timing belt and the tensioner bearings, I discovered the timing belt runs towards the back side of the cam pulleys. ...   01-31-2015 05:53 pm

Engine & Transmission > Cam belt tensioner bearing replacements (8 replies - 11035 views)

Sorry if this has been a subject before, and I just can't find it.  I would like to know the preferred process for pressing in ...   04-29-2014 02:57 pm

Engine & Transmission > Oil leak behind distributor housing (5 replies - 9332 views)

The distributor/oil pump housing also contains the oil pressure relief valve.  The outermost piece of the pressure relief valve is a piston like piece with ...   07-01-2013 06:25 pm

Engine & Transmission > OIL PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE (2 replies - 5404 views)

I've read all the posts I can find about the pressure relief valve and the I would like to pull mine and clean it.  Lot's ...   06-20-2013 08:49 pm

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